SEGES FINDERE "Wolflike Blitzkrieg"
Compilado lanzado en el año 2015. Violento black/death metal.

SEGES FINDERE "Wolflike Blitzkrieg"

    1. Krieg Macht Frei
    2. Proclamation of Blood Vengeance
    3. Nokturnal Wehrmacht Horde
    4. The Southern Warbeast
    5. When the Black Sun Rises
    6. Hailing the Grenadiers
    7. Lonewolf Terrorist
    8. Holohoax, the Fancy of Morons
    9. Proud Arsonist
    10. Satanic Blood
    11. As Wolves We Kill
    12. Mortiferous Bonesaw


    Tiempo Total: 39:17

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