NUCLEAR HAMMER "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer"

Último disco de esta extrema banda canadiense

NUCLEAR HAMMER "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer"

    1. Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
    2. 24-Cell (Octoplex)
    3. ...Rise No More
    4. 120-Cell (Hyperdodecahedron)
    5. Nuclearhammer
    6. 600-Cell (Hexacosichoron)
    7. Phosphorus Clouds Descend on Mecca
    8. H3po4 (Orthophosphoric Acid)
    9. Parasitic (Temple of Rats) / Hpo3 (Metaphosphoric Acid)
    10. Subhumannihilation
    11. 12th Dimension
    12. The Seeds of Martyrdom Remain Bitter Until the Dawn of Reverted Curses
    13. Cosmic Atomic Hypnosis


    Tiempo Total: 44:26

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