HATE FOREST "To Twilight Thickets"
Compilación lanzada originalmente en el año 2003. Reedición en digipack del 2016.

HATE FOREST "To Twilight Thickets"

    1. Inmost Winter
    2. To the Thickets and Swamps
    3. Black Forest
    4. The Most Ancient Ones
    5. The Elders
    6. Darkness
    7. The Night of Winter Solstice
    8. The Curse
    9. Majesty of the Approaching Forest
    10. Snow Covers Faded Gold of Autumn
    11. First Rays of the Rising Sun
    12. Moon
    13. Spectral and Sad Is Thy Forest Dance
    14. Cold Early Morning Mist
    15. Winterfall
    16. Sunset and Twilight


    Tiempo Total: 01:11:23

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