FUNEREAL MOON "Beneath the cursed light of..."
Ambient Black Metal desde Mexico. Primer larga duración.

FUNEREAL MOON "Beneath the cursed light of..."

    1. Revelation (intro)
    2. Where shadows of decadence dwell
    3. Beneath the cursed light of a spectral moon (an ancient incantation)
    4. Funeral letanies from the grave
    5. The howl of the black witch
    6. Death, War and Hate (extermination of all forms of life)
    7. Vrykolkas (White irish eyes)
    8. Luifer's throne of temptations
    9. I came from darkness to conquer
    10. Werewolf nightmare
    11. The sign of the end of times (outro)
    12. Witchery
    13. Obscure dominium
    14. Forbidden rites
    15. The lust
    16. Acid queen of darkness
    17. Revival of the evil one
    18. Sonno L'antichristo (Diamanda Galas cover)
    19. De Natura Daemonium
    20. Night Cry


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