FORESTDOME "Foresthrone"
Compilado final de esta gran banda de black metal pagano.

FORESTDOME "Foresthrone"

    1. Ancient Shadows
    2. La Cúpula del Bosque
    3. From the Deepness of Cold
    4. Demons of the Forest
    5. Cantabria
    6. The Beginning of Rain (Suicinerate Yourself)
    7. March for Domination
    8. Into the Dark Fog
    9. Kingdom of the Thousand Storms
    10. Creador de Sombras
    11. With the Eyes of Battle
    12. Ephel-Duath
    13. Ascension from the Abyss
    14. Intro (Fullmoon Raventhrone)
    15. On the Mounds of Hate
    16. Mystic Forest of the Falling Fog
    17. Those of the Twilight Realm
    18. Between the Frost and Fire
    19. Whispers from the Wind


    Tiempo total: 01:19:24

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